3 Places You Can’t Miss In Zimbabwe

With Zimbabwe opening its doors to tourism, we list down the three best places to visit there - the Matobo National Park, Victoria Fall, and the stone city of Great Zimbabwe.

Matobo National Park

Located in southwestern Zimbabwe, the Matobo National Park is where science meets technology and traditional knowledge, to not only protect rhinos but also enable visitors to get close to them on foot.
With nearly 700 species of birds, 200 species of mammals, and over 6,000 species of flora, one can see elephants, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, hippo, buffalo, crocodile, and a number of types of deer and cheetah. There are many fascinating things to learn too, like how to tell a lion’s paw print from that of a hyena, how the wild basil is an excellent mosquito repellent, how elephant dung infusions can speed up labour, and more.

The stone city of Great Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has both natural and man-made to offer. A good example of the latter is the ruins of the extraordinary stone city created by the Bantu civilisation in the 11th-15th centuries. Just like the name Zimbabwe suggests a combination of Zi (big), mba (house), and bwe (stone), they say the site covers 200 acres. One of it’s architectural achievements is the valley enclosure that has 11-metre-high walls of 15,000 tons of stone, built without mortar; and although it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is not so well-known outside the country.

Victoria Falls

Known as Mosi oa Tunya, loosely translated to “the smoke that thunders”, Victoria Falls has 500 million litres of the Zambezi River cascading over the rocks in the wet season. The spray can rise to over 1600 ft and is often so voluminous that you can barely see through it. You’re bound to soak despite raincoats! You can bungee jump off the bridge, zipwire across, swing out over it, edge along the walkway, or go on a 13-minute helicopter ride.

All in all, in almost all the places, one will find welcoming smiles and friendliness of the Zimbabweans, while the country remains truly breath-taking!

-Sumana Reddy