5 Best Silhouettes That Suit Your Body Type

A silhouette is what you see in a dress at the first glance. More like the outline of the dress you are wearing. Most of the time, while selecting a dress, you tend to choose a dress that looked good on a model or your favourite celebrity. To avoid mistakes related to it, here is a lowdown on the types of dresses, which will help you choose the right kind gown for yourself.

Types of Silhouettes:


Often related to proms, ballgowns have fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. While it suits all the body types, it looks best on petite body frames. It is also ideal for women with pear-shaped body type, as it camouflages their big hips.

Empire Line Gown:

With a raised waistline, an empire line gown sits just below the bust and the rest of the dress flares from the waist down. Although it is defined at the waist, it may not suit the hourglass-shaped body.

A-Line Gown:

The silhouette is suitable for all types of bodies. In terms of design, it is similar to a ballgown with well- fitted bust line and torso. And it has a slight flare towards the bottom.

Sheath Gown:

This style is best worn by lean figures, both short and tall.  While it fits the body perfectly from head to toe, it may be similar to the mermaid style.

Mermaid Gown:

Mermaid gowns suit curvy women the most. While this silhouette contours to the body quite well from the chest to the knee, the gown then flares out to the hemline.

Here are a few things to remember. Keep in mind to select the right materials. You can use materials like silk and cotton, as these fabrics will not add volume to the body. Avoid materials like leather and velvet, which bring a bulky effect. It is also best to pick a wide belt. Not only does it accentuate your waist, it also makes your outfit look well-fitted.