5 Interior Ideas To Make Your House More Welcoming

Well, every person has a certain kind of imagination for his/ her own dream house. But, it is quite natural for house interiors to get boring after a certain period of time. So, we are here with 5 amazing interiors designs that will never fade off, and will keep your house more interesting and welcoming.
Idea #1: Invest in a designer chandelier
There are loads of chandelier designs available in the market. A designer chandelier, when turned on, will bring in different art forms in that particular room. To match the designer chandelier, all you will have to do is, get a matching painting done in the room, which will brighten up, with the lightened designer chandelier as well. Such a chandelier will have designs in built in its light, and will complement the designs of your room.
Idea #2: Swing Set Table
If there are lots of kids in the house, and you want to make the interiors more interesting for them, buy a swing set table that is found in lot of interior décor stores. These tables are open from the top, and have swing chairs tied to the ends of the tables, making the chairs as swings, and has a table in the center. So, buy this, and stop worrying about your kids not sitting on the table, to have their meals.
Idea #3: Beach sand under your work desk
Work at home can be very boring. Make your study room or work place as interesting as possible, by creating an artificial beach like feel, by putting in beach sand in that area. Make sure that the area is made separately with a little elevation, so that the mud doesn’t spread.
Idea #4: Staircase storage
This idea is becoming increasingly famous. If you live in a double storied bungalow, then utilize the space under your staircase, and make shelf storages there.
Idea #5: A see- through bath tub
Apart from rooms, everyone wishes their washrooms also to be trendy and classy. Invest in a glass bath tub, where in you can see the bottom of it. to make it more attractive, get a design done at the bottom, to have a nice look down when you see through the glass bath tub.