Aamir Wanted to play Sanjay Dutt's role in “Sanju”

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan says he was offered to play the role of late Sunil Dutt in Rajkumar Hirani's “Sanju”, the upcoming biopic on actor Sanjay Dutt, but he refused it only because he wanted to essay the title character.

Amir said at a press meet on May 23, that, "He (Hirani) approached me with the script and I loved it. He wanted me to play Dutt saab's role. It is a fantastic role and the story is largely on the father-son relationship. But Sanju's role is unbelievable.

So as an actor, I told Raju that Sanjay Dutt's role is so wonderful that it won my heart. So in this film, I can't do any other role but Sanjay Dutt's, which of course I cannot do because Ranbir (Kapoor) is playing it. So, do not offer me anything."

Aamir, who has clocked 30 years in the film industry, says Ranbir is a good actor and he is confident that he must have done well in the film.

"I cannot wait to watch the film now," said Aamir, who has worked closely with Hirani in films like “3 Idiots” and “PK”.
In real life, Aamir shared a strong bond with Sunil Dutt.

Reminiscing some fond memories of the late actor, he said: "He always sent me telegrams in those days to wish me on Diwali, Eid, and on my birthday. If my film did well, he sent me a congratulation note."

What was his favourite memory of Sunil Dutt?

Aamir said, "During the riots of 1993, the Hindi film industry took a delegation to the then Chief Minister to stop the riots. Around 40 people went to the CM's office. After that, we decided that since no immediate action had been taken, we will sit under the statue of Mahatma Gandhi near Mantralaya. All 40 of us came and sat under the statue and we decided until the violence stops, we won't move from there.

For the night, we decided to continue it rotationally. So on the first night, Dutt Saab, Yash Chopra, Johnny Walker, one of the film producers and I sat down together at night under the Gandhi statue. We spent the whole night there. Of course, the next day people came and by the evening the CM took some action.

"But for me, it was a memorable night when I was listening to the stories of their journey, from Dutt saab and Johnny Walker. I remember that night very clearly. He was a very strong, dignified, and gentle person."

Aamir concluded by confirming that he was producing the slain Indian music mogul Gulshan Kumar's biopic with Bhushan Kumar.


Pic courtesy: www.flickr.com