Caviar’s Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X

Russian company, Caviar, is best known for releasing some of the most outrageously expensive phones out there. There are usually a luxurious take on iPhones or one of the latest devices released by Samsung. Their latest creation, the Tesla limited-edition iPhone X, is a new smartphone that is so classy you just have to have it. This device shows off a case plated in carbon and gold, with a creative solar charging panel that promises to keep it up and running all the time, although you can also charge its battery from bright lamps! So if you are not in the mood to go outside, you could just stay in and charge it anyway. Knowing that it is a limited edition phone, it is no surprise that Caviar plans to produce only 999 units of this beauty. Although the technical specs are not worth discussing as the Tesla Limited Edition is just like all other iPhone X phones out there, the exterior of this device really makes it stand out and makes it look exquisite. It bears the Caviar Luxury Standard and matches up to all your luxurious dreams.