Demi Lovato performs as 'new person with a new life'

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato, who delivered one of her most emotional performances yet at Rock in Rio Lisbon, says she took the stage as a new person altogether.

The performance on Sunday night came days after she shocked her fans with a vulnerable new single "Sober", reports

Lovato accompanied herself on the piano as she sang, making her way through the difficult lyrics that apologise to her loved ones and her fans while acknowledging that her sober journey has ended.

An artiste who has always been upfront about working through her struggles with mental health and addiction, Lovato was in tears as she sang "Sober".

Lovato was overcome at one point in the second verse. When it was time for her to sing "I wanna be a role model", her voice cracked; the crowd roared, indicating that their support isn't going anywhere as she turns the page for this new chapter.

After the performance, she shared the moment for her fans on social media, and tweeted: "Tonight I took the stage, a new person with a new life."    - IANS