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With the tremendous changes taking hold of the fashion world, it can be quite challenging to choose the right look. The key to mastering the perfect look is to find trending styles and improvise on them to suit your own personal style. To help you discover some of the latest styles, we give you a rundown of a few fashion looks shared by renowned makeup, hair, and styling expert Sandy.
Sandy began his career as a freelancer and has worked with top actresses, models, and famous designers. In addition to working with numerous celebrities, photographers, and publications, he has worked on a number of photo shoots with well-known photographer Felix, and model Sadhna Singh. Today Sandy is regarded as one of the top celebrity makeup artists in the city. Here are his top picks for the season:

Casual Style. There’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and stylish. As the name suggests, a casual look is a combination of comfort and elegance. This style is one of the most popular and timeless ones. Women who prefer to go with a casual style can opt for a simple white T-shirt and a pair of black pants. One can even try simple dresses in light shades like pink, peaches, and beige tones. The accessories must be kept minimal for this look.

 As far as the makeup is concerned, go for neutral colours such as pink, rose, plum or bronze. Whether your skin tone is fair, medium or dark, remember to stick to the hues within lighter or darker shades of your cheek, lips, and eyelids. Hairstyles that go well with a casual look are softer waves, easy high-buns, and high ponytails.


Bohemian style. The bohemian style, commonly referred to as Boho, can be described as more of a non-traditional look. Bohemian looks reflect one’s creativity; it is known for using wild and exotic patterns. Women who prefer bohemian over something simpler can wear long maxi dresses, colourful floral printed skirts along with shirts that have lace edged sleeves, printed tank tops, or ruffle off-shoulder top with dhoti pants. One can even opt for printed dresses in various colours. These outfits can be accessorised with a statement necklace, a bunch of bangles or bracelets, and dangling earrings.

For this look, the hair should be accessorised with bandanas or floral hair bands. To get the perfect bohemian glow, go for bold colours for the eyes, such as gold or dark brown. For the cheeks too, use warm colours such as light brown and bronze. For the lips, you can use a neutral pink shade with a little gloss, or dark shades such as dark brown, plum or deep burgundy. The bohemian style is a perfect look for a lunch date with your girlfriends.

Sexy style. A sexy fashion style is all about showing your best features, and this is one of the most popular looks for a dinner date. To pull off this look, women should go for outfits that flaunt their curves, such as bodycon dresses, short and tight skirts with tight fitted tops, miniskirts, crop tops, and high heels.

For the makeup, smouldering smoky eyes and a bold red lipstick will give the perfect sexy look. Creating a smoky eye can add a bit of sophistication to your entire look. To create smoky eyes, use traditional black or grey shades, and add some glitter to highlight the eyes. There are various ways to create the smoky eye effect, but using colours such as grey or black will blend well with the sexy look. Don’t be afraid to pair smoky eyes with a deep ruby red lipstick. Team the outfit with a sleek bun or a middle-partitioned ponytail.


Elegant style. The elegant style is a combination of sexy and glamorous. Women sporting this style won’t step outside without looking their best in the most classic and stunning outfit. For an elegant look, one must opt for designer outfits such as heavy traditional sarees, hand embroidered long gowns, and glittery body hugging party gowns. The dress must be accessorised with sparkling diamonds or other jewels.

 An important tip to always remember is to keep the makeup and hair minimal when the outfit is heavy. However, the trickiest of all is to get the minimal makeup right. But don’t worry, as it is not that difficult to achieve the perfect elegant look. For minimal makeup, try nude shades such as peach and light pinks. The hair can be curled or just left straight. It’s an apt look for a dinner date with your special one.

Confused about what to wear for a lunch or a dinner date? We’re sure these styling tips will help you look like a real diva!                                   – Akhila