Home Again

Starting over for New York interior decorator Alice Kinney (played by Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Reese Witherspoon) is emotionally taxing and draining. She is trying to move on with her life after a difficult separation from her long-time husband (played by Michael Sheen of Midnight in Paris). Coping with life’s uncertainties as a single mum, she moves back to her childhood home in Los Angeles to live with her retired actress mother, Lillian Stewart (depicted by Golden Globe winner, Candice Bergen of Murphy Brown).

While celebrating her 40th birthday with friends, she meets three brothers—played by actors Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff, and Jon Rudnitsky—who are aspiring filmmakers in need of a place to live. On an impulse, she decides to let the three young men move into her guesthouse temporarily. We watch as Alice inevitably embarks on a fling with one of the young filmmakers, Harry (Pico Alexander). This new situation becomes complicated when her ex-husband turns up unannounced with his suitcase in hand. With this her new family and romance comes to a screeching halt.  

Hallie Meyers-Shyer makes her directional debut with her award-winning producer mother, Nancy Meyers of The Holiday and It’s Complicated. Meyer’s production influence is truly reflected throughout the film. “It’s the first time I’ve worked with a mother-daughter team, Nancy Meyers and Hallie Meyers-Shyer, and it is a unique dynamic. I think the story is very timely and the subject matter is quintessentially female”, says Witherspoon.

Home Again is a delightful light-hearted romantic comedy of love, friendship, and the families we create. It is not a movie about a woman finding love, but rather one of a woman trying to find herself. This movie teaches us an important lesson: Starting a new life is not for the faint hearted.   


- Sabrina Joshi, Hollywood Correspondent