iPhone X Bentley Edition

The iPhone X has caused quite a stir in the phone industry, but for some tech fanatics, it could be considered too basic. You could take it a notch higher by going for the 256 GB iPhone X for $1,199, but if you are still in the search of a more lavish option, Bentley comes to your rescue, giving you the taste of luxury that you are craving. This special edition iPhone X Bentley version has broken the internet. It could have to do with the fact that it is Apple’s most expensive product till date, or the 18 karat gold present on the rear glass and the ring surrounding the rear camera.

Bentley has also added stylish touches to the rear, removing the Apple display logo and decorating it with their iconic winged logo instead. The rear glass has patterns running through, adding a classic, simplistic look to the device. There are only 100 units of this produced, and unfortunately, not much is known about any technical upgrades or the pricing. But this gadget sure will make you feel like a part of the ultra-rich.