Its Poppy its Electro its Palo Santo

British Synthpop band, Years & Years debuted in 2015 with Communion and are now working toward the release of their third album Palo Santo. You might remember them from their hit single, ‘King’ that peaked within the top ten of several countries. The band dropped the lead single of their new album, ‘Palo Santo’ and it is everythin we were expecting it to be!

The familiar electropop vibe takes us through a strikingly dreary lyric. The song starts off mellow and the music slowly builds as does the moroseness of the lyrics till it peaks with “You're the darkness in me, Palo Santo” in the post-chorus and ends with the same lyrics being repeated over and over again.

The official audio of ‘Palo Santo’ is the newest thing in synthpop that you have to hear!

 -Tanya Francis