Louis Vuitton’s DJ Trunk

Louis Vuitton has long been known for their classy taste in luggage trunks, among other items, and the newest offering has been released specifically for music-loving luxury enthusiasts. The luxury brand has come out with a version of their classic luggage, complete with high end speaker and everything else a DJ would need. It was conceptualised — in conjunction with the French brand, Davialet, which produces high quality sound systems — as a portable DJ set, allowing musicians everywhere to carry their kit wherever they go, to take their music with them. These are available via special order and include a turntable, mixer, computer, headphones, vinyls and devialet's iconic Phantom speakers. The trunk includes a limited edition version of the Phantom which is gold, unlike the usual white and silver it is usually available in, with the metal sides showing off a ruthenium finish. Davialet promises that even one of the speakers is good enough to blast a song.

Interestingly, the entire thing seems to be a modern take on the iconic Stokowski writing-desk trunk, ensuring that all the essential tools required by a DJ to ace an impromptu live performance are present in this trunk. The trunk itself is stylish and compact and has been created by hand, down in Louis Vuitton’s historic workshops. The DJ Trunk also trades in the traditional monogram canvas for a more chic Monogram Eclipse canvas, with the ruthenium metal accessories on the outside and the dark grey microfibre on the inside. Coming to the outside, it is made of folding beech-wood table and is covered in black cowhide. Also included is a custom-made bag in Monogram Eclipse that can hold around twenty Vinyl records along with a box to protect the turntable. You can go ahead and order your own DJ Trunk, but know that it definitely won’t come cheap.