Louis Vuitton 2018 FIFA World Cup Collection

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in full swing, all the football fanatics are rising from the dead to support their favourite teams. A fun fact is that the French designer house Louis Vuitton has been creating travel cases which house the FIFA World Cup trophies for the past few years. Inspired by the world-famous football event, the French brand has envisioned a line of products that celebrate the beautiful sport, including various bags as well as several small leather goods. Showing off the signature hexagon pattern that soccer fans are very used to, this unexpected collection consists of bags like the Keepall and Apollo crafted in Epi leather. The goodies are available in different colour combinations as well! The “Made-to Order” Keepall bag stands out, as it features colours that resemble many different national flags. Since this entire collection stands limited edition and is licensed FIFA merchandise, it is sure to garner the attention the high-end brand is hoping for.   - lux.in