Sizzle Through Summer!

We are right in the middle of summer and the summer trends are all over the streets already. The best way to beat the heat is to escape to a comfortable resort and lounge beside the pool or splash about in the waves of your favourite beach. Brands from Gucci to Louis Vuitton and Dior have already displayed their season’s collection with their resort shows. In the scorching heat, it’s about time all the chic and fashion forward ladies don the season’s most stylish trends! Let’s take a look at what’s hot this season!

Tropical Prints

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One of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about resort wear is tropic prints. Tropic prints have been an essential part of resort wear trends for as long as we can remember. An explosion of colour and the chaotic mix of flora and fauna that are characteristic to tropical prints is something we will be seeing a lot of this season. Right from tropical printed sundresses to button down shirts, and shorts; you can pick out any article of clothing in a tropical print and its sure to look amazing! While cottons have been always a favourite in tropical prints, don’t be hesitant to try out chiffon, organza, or even taffeta fabrics this season to introduce a diversity in the fall or fabric and silhouettes you will be donning. Lounge by your favourite resort’s poolside in a floral summer dress or palm leaf printed shirt this weekend!

Monochrome and Colour Blocking

Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Dressing from head to toe in one single colour may seem like a difficult task, from picking the right shades to choosing your fabrics and accessories; but this season monochrome is back with a bang! Whether a striking red or a happy yellow, remember that you don’t always need to have all your pieces in the exact same shade. Be unafraid to experiment with the fabrics and with shades and hues. Pro tip: While assembling your outfit, think citrus colours like lemon, tangerine, yellow, clementine, and orange and if you’re feeling bold, go for a shocking pink. One thing that’s certain is picking out your clothes will take a much shorter period of time with your filtered choice. If, however, you’re hesitant about wearing one single colour from head to toe, consider colour blocking. If you decide to sport this trend, you could either pick separate articles of clothing in contrasting solid colours or shop for colour block apparel. With the trend being spotted in several high end fashion shows, you’re sure to find something fun and fashionable in stores by now!

Bell Bottoms and Wide Legs

Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Flared and wide legs have already made a comeback in the recent past but now we’re seeing that bell bottoms are sidling their way in to the fashion scene again. Everything from leather and suede to denim bell bottoms will be acceptable this season. While the skinny jean has still not become completely obsolete, a modernised take on the 70’s craze of bell bottoms has emerged, and how! You can go for pastel, light shades like baby pinks and powder blues. Since the light and airy flares are meant to stand out, don’t shy away from picking an equally striking top to go with it. Also take advantage of the bell bottoms ‘leg-lengthening and slimming effect by pairing them with heels and classic throwback accessories. Whether you choose a vintage 70’s look or go the edgy route, it is no doubt that wide legged pants exude confidence and make one unavoidable statement! 


Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Ruching is the gathering overlay of fabric strips that are pleated, fluted, or gathered together to create a ripple-like effect that has evolved from the 16th century ruff. With all the top designers including ruching in their resort wear collection everywhere from skirts to sleeves, it’s time about we caught on that this trend is staying this season. While you can wear a top with ruched sleeves or a ruched dress to make you look curvy, the ruched skirt seems to be a current favourite as it enhances the silhouettes and accentuates all the right parts of your body. Ruched bikini tops are another thing to watch out for this beach-calling season so don’t forget to add a little ruching to your cart as you shop for this season!


Décolletage has always been a trend in some for or the other. It’s one of those things that can never go really out of fashion. You can never actually scoff at a well sculpted neck, shoulders, back or upper chest and say ‘that’s so last season!’. As a natural successor of the bare shoulders we’ve been seeing s much of, this summer, however, we’re looking at décolletage largely with button down shirts. While you can still wear your plunging necklines and almost non-existent sleeves, consider sporting the classing light coloured cotton shirts worn at this time of the year, except with the top few buttons open. There is a fine line between high-fashion and tacky though, so take care not to cross it. Apart from that, it’s time to leave a few of those buttons unbuttoned!


Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Oh, Denims! The one fabric that is seen time and again in every designer collection. Through the decades, denims have been worn in several different ways – bedazzled, embroidered, distressed, frayed, etc. This year we seem to be caught up in a tide of several different types of denims that have taken inspiration from other season trends, like ruched denim and colour blocked denim. While super wide legged denim pants will give you that silhouette that’s all the rage right now, don’t lose faith in your classic denim shorts. Pinafore dresses, jumpsuits, shirts and shoes, all in denim will also certainly keep you looking chic on your summer vacay. Irrespective of how you decide to style your denim apparel know that it is one fabric that you can count on as we can safely say that denim is here to stay. 

Mommy and Me

Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

This one’s for all the young mothers out there. While keeping up with the trend might be slightly challenging if you have a toddler to take care of, one easy way to be trendy this season is to match outfits with your little kid. #Twinning might be long gone but coordinating with your child is all over the place this year. With everyone from celebrity mommies to models and WAGs, we see this cute trend melting everyone’s hearts. As long as you’re not being corny, cuteness is always appreciated and there is nothing cuter than seeing that mama-daughter bond on display in the very outfits of the duo. Don’t forget, though, that this is not just a mother-daughter trend. Fathers and sons can go ahead and steal the look if they dare. While you may not get fist-bumps from your bros on your cutesy idea, you will definitely get a bunch of ‘awww’s from all the ladies!


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Bikinis, trikinis, maillots... we are spoilt for choice as far as swimwear is concerned. There is something for everybody type and every look. While everyone loves swimwear, we are always a little concerned about whether we’re wearing the right kind for our body type, the right style, if we’re showing too much or too less but this season it’s time to let go of all inhibitions! We are in 2018 now and body-shaming is so passé! Confidence is the most stylish thing to don now and what spells confidence louder than a trendy bikini?! This year you can wear your bikinis and trikinis in tropical prints, polka dots, fruit prints, stripes, and solid colours. Go ahead and experiment with all the latest trends, like ruching, décolletage, racing stripes, high-waist, and fringes. If you’re not comfortable completely baring your mid-riff, you can opt for a maillot. Cut-outs and ribbed patterns are trends to look out for in maillots. With athleisure having made a resounding comeback recently, sports bra bikini tops are a must have. Another off-beat trend this that has appeared this season is the belted bikini. You could either wear slim belt along your bikini bottom to add an extra oomph or a broad, contrasting belt around your waist in a maillot to bring attention to the slimmest part of your waist. If you are feeling bold, you can go for the classic thong or experiment with a lace-up maillot with a plunging neckline. Choose mostly warm tones this season –think yellows, oranges, and reds. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you know, the best way to beat the heat is to look hotter than the summer?!


Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

You can’t have a perfect outfit without the perfect footwear. While pumps, kitten heels, and boots are classics, you can’t really wear them while lounging around at the poolside. If you’re looking at what to pack for your feet, the answer is gladiators and elevated thongs! This season, the runway was filled with super models strutting in gladiators laced up to their calves and platform thong slippers. You will find that elevated thongs are the best way to go on a beach as they make it easy to walk in the sea sand while also adding a couple of inches to your height, while gladiators will look great paired with a tropical printed summer dress, lending you that boho chic look. 

Everything Else

Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Here are a few other things you could consider getting this season to look the proper fashionista: 

Vintage airbags: Let go of you totes and fringed slings this summer and say hello to the spacious vintage airbag! You can experiment with anything from bright colours to sober ones, from intricate prints to solid colours. Go crazy with your collection and be unafraid to don these functional yet trendy handbags! 

Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are one accessory that you simple can’t do without in summer. Whether you’re frolicking on the beach, chilling by the pool, or sipping on something cool in an outdoor eatery, sunglasses will be your best friend. But what kind of sunglasses are you going to don this season? If the runways are anything to go by, you should quickly stock up on angular glasses. Think matrix-style and sci-fi inspired designs. If, however, you’re not feeling too experimental, remember that you can never go wrong with classic aviators! 

Summer, trends, fashion, clothing

Beach waves: Yeah, it is certainly the norm to be around beach waves during summer but we’re talking about the ‘beach wave’ hairdo here. Ombré colouring with slight waves are all the rage this season! Even if your hair is not naturally wavy, fear not. There are dozens of videos and tutorials out there on how to attain the coveted beach waves. So get that colouring down right and you’ll be good to go! 

When there is so much to look forward to with resort and swim wear, it becomes a little difficult to despise the summer season. In fact, you can almost feel yourself bubbling with excitement to show off this season’s trends on your next trip out of town or even on your weekend at a local resort. Where there is a will, there is way to look great and we will not let the heat stop us from sizzling our way through summer! 

-Tanya Francis 
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