The Skydio R1 Drone

The next big thing in the drones scene, the Skyradio R1 is the debut release of a California-based robotics company, boasting of advanced AI technology to present the world’s first fully autonomous, camera-equipped consumer drone. This drone is a game-changer which was specially designed for outdoor adventures, instilled with the ability to track fast-moving persons while they move through a complex or dense environment, avoiding obstacles.

It can easily track subjects on bikes, skis, skateboards, dirt bikes and so on, up to 25 mph, but the subjects have to be human. Already quite an impressive device, the drone also includes AI software which makes it the perfect companion for someone living in the 21st century. Priced at a whopping $2,500, the Skydio R1 drone will pack two batteries, each one guaranteeing about 16 minutes of continuous flight, which is plenty of time to enjoy yourself in the wilderness.

The gimbal-mounted main camera will shoot in 4K or full high-definition to make sure you click every minute of your adventures. It uses a 360-degree array of 13 cameras and its Autonomy Engine software allows the drone to predict the pilot’s future position, all this while navigating the complex environment around it. Designed for someone living in today’s day and age, this drone will take us to the promised future, full of advanced technology.

Courtesy: Luxatic