Standing Tall to Conquer the World - Mannat Singh

Hailing from Indore, Mannat Singh is born to a Punjabi father and a Catholic mother who herself dreamt of becoming a model, but couldn’t pursue it because she suffered from polio. On turning 18, this tall and slender girl decided to give modelling a shot, and voila, she was crowned Miss Indore in 2016 after which she went on to become one of the 15 finalists in Miss India 2017. Read on to know more about her journey. 

How did you get into modelling? Was it always on the cards?
Being a model wasn’t always my plan; in fact it was never my plan. Since I was tall everyone would often suggest that I become a model or an actress, but I never saw myself there. I always thought I wasn’t good enough. I lacked the confidence. But my mother wanted me to pursue modelling and asked me to give it a shot. So, I ended up trying it and to my luck, I was actually good at it. I am here today because my mom saw the potential in me. 

You participated in Miss India last year but did not win. Did that upset you? 
I was a finalist in Miss India 2017. I represented Kerala and made it to the top 15. I did not win any of the three crowns, but looking back, I have no regrets. I clearly remember the moment I was about to go on stage just before my name was announced, I told myself that I will give it my best. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on stage and cherish the moments spent during Miss India. It was a great learning experience.

Will you participate in it again?
I am not sure, although being able to learn so much more and live that dream again wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

What was the experience like? Would you suggest it to upcoming models?
It was a journey of improvement and finding the best version of myself, and I wouldn’t trade those 30 days for anything. I have learned so much—being able to work with the finest people in the industry, ticking things off my bucket list, including walking for ace couturier Manish Malhotra!

I would definitely suggest models as well as girls who aspire to enter the fashion industry to participate in Miss India as it will open many doors for them.

Who is your role model? 
My role model is my mother. I know this sounds clichéd and every young girl would say this, but for me, my mother has been a true inspiration as she is a businesswoman and aspired to be a model when she was younger. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pursue that dream as she has polio. Nevertheless, her journey has been phenomenal and hence she has inspired me to never give up and keep moving forward. She was the one who pushed me to get into modelling in the first place.

Do you think being 6 feet tall is a boon or a bane in India? 
Being tall adds to your personality in so many ways! To start off, the first impression of people about you is great as your persona speaks for itself. 

Initially, I was not very proud of being the tallest in the lot and I used to feel awkward in gatherings. I would often bend when around others and my shoulders would always hunch. I wasn’t very confident of my height, but when I got into modelling I realised that people liked me because of my height. Ever since I found out that it was working in my favour, I have been carrying my height with grace and confidence.

How do you stay in shape? 
Staying in shape isn’t a routine but a lifestyle. It’s about eating healthy and not starving, and loving your body and giving it all that you can. I personally enjoy running so I run for fun, and it works for me!

What are your current projects on hand? 
I’ve been modelling for two years now and I’d like to shift my base and start exploring acting as well. I won’t talk much about my current projects, you will know all about it very soon. 

What is your favourite cuisine? 
My favourite cuisine is south Indian. I recently travelled a lot around the south— Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana—and have fallen in love with the food available here. Apart from this,
I am very fond of Italian food as well as traditional Punjabi food. 

If you were to cook for your loved one, what would you make?
Mac and cheese! It’s easy to make, and cheese makes everyone happy (laughs). 

What’s the one dish that brightens up your mood on a dull day?
Chocolate and melted mud cake!

What do you enjoy most about the modelling industry? 
I love that we get to travel to various places for shows, get to stay in beautiful hotels, and try different cuisines.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I love to watch movies or just go for a walk by the beach and listen to good soft music. I also enjoy going for a nice cup of tea with my friends.           ---- as told to Niharika