Vijay Deverakonda recently got injured

The popular Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda recently got injured while filming a fight sequence for one of his forthcoming movies. Fans were worried about Devarakonda as he had to take a break from shooting to heal, but looks like the actor is back in action already! The actor is back again on set, shooting for his next, Dear Comrade.

"I injured myself during a fight sequence. But I am fine now, and back to shooting. I suffered some bruises and a sprain. I am much better now. Just some soreness, that's all," Vijay explained. The movie is being helmed by Bharat Kamma. The actor shot up after his role in the smash-hit film, Arjun Reddy, in which he plays the titular role. It tells the story of a medical student who throws his life away after he falls in love with one of his juniors.